How I use my inkWELL Press planner.

About a month ago, I wrote a first-impression review of my inkWELL Press liveWELL Planner. I gushed about the beautiful design, high-quality paper, the set-up videos Tonya sends once you have made a purchase, and the extra features that made me even more excited to start using it.

I promised that once I started using it for awhile and figured out what works best for me, I would share some of my tips + tricks. So here I am… back again to talk about how I use my inkWELL Press planner to make my life a little a lot easier.

[side note: these tips can be used no matter what planner/organizer you use]

I didn’t plan on doing this right away, but after a couple weeks it started to make the most sense to me. I like being able to glance at my monthly or weekly views and know what is on my agenda for the day just based on color. I use black for general information/meetings/to-do lists, red for work, pink for special occasions/birthdays/anniversaries, and navy blue for church-related functions, in case you’re interested in what I use specifically.

These have changed my life. Seriously. The only time I have written in pencil in the last five years is for scan-tron tests when I was in college and that’s because I had to (word on the street is that you can use pen now… go figure), but I hate having to scribble when I mess up writing in pen. When I was researching what planner I wanted to buy, I kept hearing about the Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens and knew I wanted to try them out. If you’re a pen-user that makes mistakes sometimes (AKA most everyone), you need these in your life. I’ve never used an erasable pen that actually erases until I found these. You can buy them at Walmart or office supply stores, but I purchased mine on Amazon.

I started doing this very shortly into the new year and it’s made the biggest difference in how I stay organized. When I’m planning out the future week, I use the ruler/page marker that was included with the planner to divide each day into two separate columns. On the left-hand side, I write down any meetings, events, birthdays, etc. that I have going on that day. On the right-hand column, I have a to-do list. I’ve found that it’s more streamlined this way and easier to read at-a-glance.

I have a separate notebook where I write down blog post notes or prompts for linkups, but I like to see what posts I have scheduled for the week. This planner has three sections for each day labeled “meals, “home”, and “fitness.” I cross off the “meals” label and write in the title of what will be posted that day. That way, I can see what I have coming up and what I still need to write.

If you are thinking about purchasing from inkWELL Press, I have an affiliate link that you can use to get $10 of a $50 purchase. Enjoy!

I hope my trial + error has helped you to figure out what works best for you and your specific planner. Do you have any tips that work for you? I would love to hear them!

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  • I just like this post. As in, if I was on facebook I would like it.

  • inkWELL Press

    Love how you are using the planner! We you to use our planners the best way that works for YOU and it sounds like you’ve done just that! Great post! xo, inkwell press

    • I love how versatile the design is. Definitely one of the biggest things I was looking for! I will definitely be a return customer as long as you’re making the planners. 🙂

  • There is something SOOOOO fascinating about seeing the way different women use their planners for ALL the things that go on in their lives. I am one of those people who tries to compartmentalize everything into a billion different planners, but then I’m carrying basically an ENTIRE library in my purse… hello, not good for your spine.

    • SERIOUSLY. I love seeing how others interpret a planner. Especially one as versatile as the Inkwell Press! I think I may do two planners this year… Using my Inkwell for memorykeeping (like a journal entry each day) and then the Day Designer for daily planning. But I wouldn’t cart the IP around all the time, so that doesn’t count, right?! Haha!

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