Pregnancy Update: 29-30 Weeks


How far along are you? 30 weeks on August 28. 😱 Seeing that number just freaked me out a little.

How big is baby? Baby is the size of a zucchini – that’s about 15.7 inches and 2.89 pounds. According to my app, baby’s skin is getting smoother and his brain is getting wrinkler (lol). He is now blinking his eyes, but his vision is blurry.

How are you feeling? Other than my now-typical aching ribs, acid reflux has started becoming more of a nuisance. I can’t really distinguish if certain foods make it worse or not because I feel like no matter what I eat, it’s there! Round ligament pain has also been pretty consistent and is making me waddle because my belly is so tender sometimes! I also threw up once this week because I took my prenatal and my iron supplement right after I had eaten… apparently, my body didn’t like that!

Movement: Still movin’ and groovin’. I’m pretty sure he is horizontal at this point based on the way his movements feel, but I can’t be sure. Sometimes he gets into a position that’s really uncomfortable or even painful, so I can only imagine how that’ll be in the next weeks and months.

Any cravings or aversions? My sweet tooth is still going strong! I also have been loving Chinese food and corndogs with mustard lately.

Maternity Clothes: My pre-pregnancy jeans have been unwearable for awhile now, so I’ve been living in my maternity jeans + leggings and dresses. It’s also getting to the point where I can’t wear some of my regular shirts because they aren’t fitting correctly, which is a buzzkill for getting dressed in the morning! The shirt in the pictures throughout this post is a new one from PinkBlush maternity and I’m loving how soft and comfy it is.

Weight Gain: As of my last doctor appointment I am up 10 pounds. My doctor said she is happy with that number and I’m on track for the rest of pregnancy.

Stretch Marks: None at this point. My belly is getting more itchy/sensitive, but I am faithful with using my L’BRI Intense Body Butter and then Palmer’s Tummy Butter on top to stay moisturized. My mom didn’t get any stretch marks from all of her pregnancies, so I’m hoping those genes help me! [Not that anyone but me and Tyler ever sees my tummy anyway!]

Sleep: I usually wake up once or twice on an average night of sleep now. Sometimes it’s because I need to get more comfortable, sometimes it’s because I moved around in my sleep and was achy, sometimes it’s because of heartburn. I haven’t been woken up by baby kicks or punches yet, which I’m grateful for!

Most excited about next: The baby shower! If you’re someone who’s close to me you’re probably really confused right now because I am very vocal about how much I don’t like baby/bridal showers. I’m mostly excited to hang out with my friends and family and get somewhat organized with baby stuff! Tyler and I have been good about not buying a ton, so I’ve put together a checklist that I can cross things off of so I’ll know what else we’ll need before baby is here.

Also, maternity pictures! I’m working on setting something up with our favorite local photographer and my friend Chloe to schedule maternity pictures and a lifestyle-y newborn session after baby is born. SO EXCITED.

Doctor Appointment: I haven’t had another doctor appointment since my 28 week one, but the next day I got a call from my doctor’s primary nurse with my glucose and blood test results. I passed the glucose test (yay!), but my blood work came back saying that my iron is low, so now I’m taking an iron supplement. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if my iron has been low for quite awhile (both my mom and my grandma have/had chronic iron deficiencies). Hopefully, this will help with feeling tired most of the time and weak once in awhile.


My baby sister got married! This was the first wedding that I’ve stood up in in quite awhile, so I had kind of forgotten how long of a day that makes it. I was on my feet for about 14 hours that day plus set up the day before and tear down the day after. It was so fun to visit with friends + family that were in from out of town, though, so it was totally worth it! Plus, my bridesmaid dress fit with no alterations needed, so my guesstimating about what size I’d need was spot on.

That’s actually about it for now! We haven’t been up to a ton lately. I kept my fall calendar pretty wide open so that we could relax before our lives change forever! I have two more weddings with Van and a couple little things here and there, but it’s going to be pretty low-key.


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Leah is newly wed to her high school sweetheart and is a church secretary by day and blogger by night. She firmly believes in spending a little extra on high-quality cuisine, sleeping in, and the healing power of a good cup of tea. She currently lives in central Wisconsin where she was born and raised (and, yes, the stereotype is true - we really do love cheese).