Pregnancy Update: 13-14 weeks

How far along are you? 14 weeks on May 8.

How big is baby? A peach! 🍑 Peaches are actually my fave, so this made me happy. Still fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes comfortably. My jeans button easily. Someone asked me the other day if I had to start shopping for new clothes yet, but it isn’t even a blip on my radar! Which is good because I actually don’t like clothes shopping very much.

How are you feeling? Much better! After I hit the second trimester, I felt better every day. At this point, the only nausea that I have is for the first hour or so after I wake up (which is totally bearable) and if I let myself get starving. I pretty much snack all day long now so I always have food in my tummy.

Now that I’ve felt better, I’ve definitely been more active. I’ve been walking more and have done a couple leg/Pilates workouts. I also played badminton with our life group for about 2 hours straight one evening, which was super fun! It feels so much better not to just sit on the couch all day after I come home from work. I’m still more tired than usual, but I love taking naps so I’m okay with it!

I think I had my first actual craving! I told Tyler several times throughout my first trimester that I couldn’t even imagine wanting to eat food let along craving something, but the other day I couldn’t stop thinking about my mom’s mashed potatoes and sauerkraut (we’re German, so it was a staple growing up). She invited us over for lunch one Sunday and had made it and I literally could have cried, I was so happy. It was the most that I had eaten at once in a long time.

I’m still really missing sushi. I could have cried yesterday I wanted it so badly. I want it all the time anyway, but it’s even worse now that I can’t have it. Wah wah wahhhhh. My best friend/college roommate has taken the huge responsibility of bringing me my favorite sushi order as soon as we’re home from the hospital. She da best.

One of the weirdest things now is that some people know that I’m pregnant and some people don’t. And sometimes I don’t know who knows the news and who doesn’t! Since I work at the church I attend, it makes it especially weird sometimes. I’ll have people come in and I feel like I should tell them because they either aren’t on Facebook or just haven’t heard the news, but then it never comes up in conversation. Is that weird?! I guess they’ll find out eventually!

I’m a bridesmaid in my little sister’s wedding in August and we got our dresses not long ago. It took me forever to pick one out because I don’t know how big I’ll be at that point (especially since it’s my first). I picked something with an empire waist and a flowy skirt, so it should be fine. There’s some wiggle room up top too, so I’m sure it’ll all work out! I’m going to try it on after each of my doctor’s appointments just to keep an eye on it.

That’s pretty much it for now! I feel like I had the least amount of actual updates this time around, but that’s okay in my book. Here’s a bump picture before I go.


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Leah is newly wed to her high school sweetheart and is a church secretary by day and blogger by night. She firmly believes in spending a little extra on high-quality cuisine, sleeping in, and the healing power of a good cup of tea. She currently lives in central Wisconsin where she was born and raised (and, yes, the stereotype is true - we really do love cheese).

  • I love seeing baby bump pictures! I’m glad you are feeling better! 🙂

    • ME TOO! I still have random yucky days, but they’re more good than bad, which I can handle. 😉

  • You’re so lucky your clothes are fitting. I had such bad bloating that I was in maternity leggings by week 11!

    • I’m so happy because I actually hate clothes shopping. Haha! I’m hoping most of my shirts will last me awhile because I already wear a lot of flowy/baggy stuff to begin with. 😉