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Let’s do some math (I never thought that I’d start a blog post by saying that, but bear with me…). Today is September 7. My due date is November 6. That means Tyler and I will have a real, live baby living with us in about two months. Two months. How in the world is it already that soon? Okay… I’m done freaking out about it (for now).

I’ve been trying to do my best to hold off on buying alllll the baby things until after my baby shower, which for my Type-A self has been really hard. I wanted all his clothes bought, washed, and sorted months ago. If it were up to me, every piece of baby gear would be put together and waiting. And most of all, the nursery would be finished.

Now, Tyler and I planning on keeping baby boy in our room for a few months at least (most likely more), so it’s kind of silly to be so concerned about having a room that won’t be used finished by a certain deadline that exists only in my brain, but I’ve learned that my pregnant self is kind of irrational at times (who would have thought?). So, we started transforming one of our upstairs bedrooms around the end of July and have been making some slow but steady progress since then.

Here’s what this room looked like when we moved in:

It’s a small room, but it will do the job! So far we’ve painted the walls, bought and put together the crib, Tyler started (and has almost finished) a pallet wall around the house’s old chimney, I’ve sorted and hung the clothes that we already have, and we bought our Playtex Baby™ Diaper Genie® Complete.

Here’s what the room looks like now:


For the sake of a real progress picture, I didn’t move any of the building materials or the tortoise habitat (don’t ask). 😉

If you can visualize this based on the picture below, Tyler is also going to add a few shelves that run from the chimney over to the wall by the closet.

Here’s a close-up of the pallet wall that Tyler is making around the old chimney. I love it so much! It definitely adds a little something extra to our otherwise very simple design plans.

One thing I did since I’m  a new mom is email some of my mama friends and ask them what their nursery essentials were/are so I could get some insight on what I should add to my registry. Let me tell you… this was one of my best ideas! I got so much great advice and I’d love to share it with you.

Here are my nursery essentials (with some help from my friends):

AN ACTUAL CLOCK. This is something I wouldn’t have thought of, but definitely an item I’ll make sure to get. This piece of advice was from Valerie Keinsley: “It’s just nice to not have to be glued to your phone to know what time it is when you’re up in the middle of the night feeding and such!”

SHELVES ABOVE CHANGING TABLE/DRESSER. Another great piece of advice from Valerie: “Getting everything you can OFF the changing table (but still within reach) was so helpful. Less stuff for them to kick at. 🙂 Ours [are] mounted on the wall right above the changing station and [are] super convenient!”

A BIN TO TOSS TOO-SMALL CLOTHES IN. This is genius advice from Valerie (she’s full of great ideas!). This way, once you realize a piece of clothing is too small, you can toss it in a bin and it’s ready to be put into storage or passed on to someone else.

PHOTO SHELVES AS BOOKSHELVES. This is something I had toyed with doing, but when Jacey Verdicchio suggested it to me, I added it to my to-do list. These smaller shelves don’t take up much space and are an easy way to display all those cute books!

A NOISE MACHINE. I’m definitely someone who can’t sleep without some sort of white noise, so this makes total sense to me (but it’s something I probably would have overlooked until Jacey and Abbigail suggested this).

AND almost everyone suggested a diaper pail, so enter the Playtex Baby™ Diaper Genie® Complete!

This was actually one of the first things that I added to my registry, but also one of the first (and only!) things I picked up myself for us because I wanted to make sure we had it. I decided on the Diaper Genie® for several reasons:

  • The Diaper Genie® is classic. I grew up babysitting and almost everyone had one of these babies. I love that they’ve changed the look to be really sleek and minimalist so that it’ll go with any type of decor (we chose white, but there are five colors to choose from!).
  • It’s super easy to use. Just step on the pedal and throw away the diaper hands-free! Plus, it’s tall enough so you don’t have to bend over at all.
  • It actually works. The refill bags have 7 distinct layers that work together to lock in diaper odors. I’m really excited to not have to go outside to our trash can every time we have to throw away a stinky diaper – or the alternative… use our regular trash can and deal with the smell.

Target is having their baby sale from 9/10 – 9/15 and has some special offers on Playtex Baby™ products!

Now that we’re starting to make some progress and get the essentials, I’m feeling so much more prepared (well… as prepared as you can be to bring your first child into your home).

Do you have any essentials that I missed? What would you add to this list? I’d love to hear!

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