Maternity Leave Goals

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If you’re a mom, you probably rolled your eyes so hard when you read the title of this blog post. Here are a few thoughts that may or may not have run through your head: “This girl is cray. Does she know what having a newborn is like?” or “THAT’S SO CUTE THAT SHE THINKS GOALS ARE EVEN A THING” or you may have simply smiled knowingly while shaking your head at your computer screen.


Goals are my jam. Goals help me to not feel like such a lazy slob. Goals help me to wrap my mind around what’s currently going on in my life. Goals make my world go ’round.

So rather than put out a November Goals blog post as a normally would that just says “have a baby!” I’m going to give myself some grace-filled, intentional, simple goals for my 8-week maternity leave.

Did I mention that they’ll be simple? Because obviously.

Here’s what I have in mind for maternity leave goals:

Build a standing desk.
Well, not me. Mostly Tyler. For the last couple months, I’ve wanted a standing desk in my little office. Mostly because my current desk is really small and hard to get organized because of that, but also because I sit pretty much all day at a computer at my day job and the last thing I want to do is sit in another uncomfortable desk chair for my work-at-home job. Plus, HEALTH + WELLNESS. It’s going to be really simple and streamlined.

Read a few books.
I’m not putting a number on this because that’s just asking for failure. This is mostly so that I’ll be more apt to open my Kindle app on my phone instead of Instagram every time I’m nursing.

Figure out my breast pump.
Since I’ll be going back to an office job (in some capacity) and plan on breastfeeding, I’ll have to figure out that dang contraption at some point. Catch my pinning alllll the pumping articles on my Pinterest.

Transition back to work at my part-time job.
In my 38-week pregnancy update, I let you guys know that while I’ll be taking 8 weeks off from my office job, I plan on only taking 4 weeks off from my part-time job at She Can Coterie. This is because the hours are super flexible but also because I love what I do there and will probably be wanting to get back sooner than my office job. 😉

Go to the eye doctor.
I’m not 100% sure if this will happen, but I’m going to try! I just found out last week that our insurance covers yearly vision checkups as well as quite a bit toward frames/lenses, so I’m going to try and get an appointment in before I go back to work!

Get some sushi.
‘Nuff said. If it happens to be with a friend to catch up, great. If it happens to be me getting takeout, great. I JUST WANT ME SOME RAW FISH, Y’ALL.

That’s it. That’s all I wanna do other than cuddle my snuggly newborn and watch a whole lotta Netflix. I might look back on this and laugh in a couple months at how foolish I was, but, hey… at least I tried! 😉

As per usual, I’ll be using my PowerSheets to track these monthly goals to make sure I’m staying [somewhat] on track. You can get your 2018 PowerSheets by clicking HERE. If you don’t know much about this goal-setting planner, check out my overview post from last week.

What do you have on the docket for the month of November?

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