I Am Created to Create

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One of the first things most people say to me when I suggest that they try Bible journaling to brighten up their Bible study is, “But I’m not creative! I can’t draw or paint or handletter to save my life.”

Want in on a little secret? Me either.

I took art classes all through junior high and high school and have spent hours doing colored pencil and pen + ink drawings. I’ve even painted a few canvases in my day. Even though I spent a lot of time trying my best at these art forms, my attempts have always been mediocre at best. I can draw more than a stick person, but not by much. I can blend colored pencils like nobody’s business, but the overall drawing isn’t the best.

You know what, though? I’m still creative! I’m just creative in other ways and that might be where you fall too. Here are a few ways that I flex my creative muscles that you might not have thought of as traditionally unique:

I’m really good at arranging stickers. This sounds super elementary, but using stickers to make a Bible journaling page unique can be just as impactful as a beautifully watercolored page.

I can pick good color palettes. Not everyone has an eye for what colors look nice together!

I’ve been known to use some creative things as tip-ins. Why stick to just the pre-made tip-ins? Why stick to just paper? Find some other stuff in your scrapbooking or Bible journaling stash that can be inserted into your Bible for an added touch.

Did you notice what all of those have in common? Most people wouldn’t think of them as traditionally creative! AND THAT’S OKAY.

Not all of us have been given the same talents. How boring would that be?! I first started rethinking creativity when the “Created to Create” devotional kit from Illustrated Faith was released. I’m starting to think about it again now that DaySpring and Illustrated Faith have released a “Created to Create 2” kit!

This kit is in the new format that they just released last month (watch my unboxing video HERE), which means you get a stamp set, washi tape, tip-ins, paper pieces, and stickers along with the devotional portion of the kit! ALL FOR ONLY $20. Does it get much better than that?

I’m excited to dive into this concept again and rethink what creativity really means. Will you join me? Get your own kit HERE. Let’s get creative, friend.

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