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  • Simply Sheard

    Hi Leah! My name is Kayty I found you through The Peony Project, we are the only 2 WI bloggers on the project right now! Where are you located in this beautiful state? We are in a small town about 30 minutes northwest of Madison! Glad to have found a fellow WI blogger!

    • Hi Kayty! I love finding fellow Wisconsinites! Especially from the Peony clan. There really aren’t a whole lot of Wisconsin bloggers in my circle right now. So it makes me really excited that you found me! I’m in central Wisconsin, about 1.5 hours north of Madison. So we aren’t too far apart! I love when this happens. 😀

  • Hey Leah! I’m Ann-Marie and I adore your blog! Recently I have been inspired to start my own and I would love some tips? You have inspired people like me and that is my blig through my own blog(: Any advice would be amazing!

    • Hi Ann-Marie! Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing your sweet words. I would love to help you out in any way that I can. If you’d like, you can shoot me an email with any specific questions that you have and I will try my hardest to give you some good advice. 🙂