Celebrating My 24th Birthday!

On July 20 I turned 24 and was incredibly spoiled by my family and friends! A huge thank you to all of you who wished me a happy birthday. It seriously means so much to me! I love when I know people are thinking of me (like pretty much every other human being), so birthdays are always special to me. Here’s what my day looked like.

I woke up that morning at 5am when Tyler left for work and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I lounged in bed for literally 2 hours on my phone and ate some cereal for breakfast. I was a responsible adult and put away the dishes from the dishwasher so that I could come home to a clean kitchen after work. Best birthday present I could have ever given myself!

While I was at work, I got so many fun messages from my family and friends and co-worker and their kids! The one on the right is just ONE of many (I love you, Fayth!) and I’m pretty much only sharing it so I can brag on how great my family and friends are. You can click the picture to view it larger and to see the sappiness. My words of affirmation-loving heart was so full all day!

My sister Allie texted me and asked if she could bring me lunch and I answered with an enthusiastic HECK YEAH. Is there really any other answer to that question? Food is seriously the best gift. In previous years, I’ve always told me friends that if they want to get me a gift just to buy me sushi, but I obviously can’t do that right now!

After work, Tyler and I headed up to a bigger city about 45 minutes from us to eat at HuHot (all you can eat Mongolian grill!), get our crib at Target (!!!), and do a little shopping. We ended up going to Gander Mountain (because they’re going out of business) and TJMaxx, but went back the next day for some more shopping because everything closed early!

For the rest of the weekend, we spent a lot of time getting the nursery situated. We cleaned out what was already in there, painted, and set up the crib! That pretty much took all day on Saturday. We were pretty wiped out by the end of the day, so we watched a few episodes of Game of Thrones (I’ve seen the whole series before, but Tyler is watching it for the first time).

On Sunday after church, we napped and then took the dog out on Tyler’s new-to-him boat. It was super hot, but Kane did a great job and looked ADORABLE in his life jacket! We hung out with out life group friends the rest of the night. There was a lot of Super Smash Bros, ice cream, and other games, so it was a good end to a great weekend!

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! I feel so blessed.

About Leah Van Ert

Leah is newly wed to her high school sweetheart and is a church secretary by day and blogger by night. She firmly believes in spending a little extra on high-quality cuisine, sleeping in, and the healing power of a good cup of tea. She currently lives in central Wisconsin where she was born and raised (and, yes, the stereotype is true - we really do love cheese).