Having Tea Together | Vol. 11


If we were drinking tea together, I’d obviously be gushing about the perfect fall weather. Wisconsin in the fall is my absolute favorite. Crisp mornings, sunny afternoons, and chilly evenings are the best. Looking out the window makes me so happy and going for a walk after work with the dog makes me even happier. I wish it could stay like this forever!

If we were drinking tea together, I’d ask you about blogging. My goal for this month is to post at least once weekly because I’ve been feeling uninspired lately. I have ideas in my drafts folder, but it’s the actually writing them part that is hard. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I tend to ebb and flow with blog inspiration, so I’ll chalk it up to that. I feel like there hasn’t been as much engagement in the blogging community as a whole either, so that could be a factor?

If we were drinking tea together, I’d tell you how happy I am that our life group is back together. We took a break for the summer because of general busyness and we’re back together on Sunday nights, but in our new home this time. Tyler and I are so excited to have people in our house and to be reconnecting with our friends. Do you have a group that you meet with weekly?

If we were drinking tea together, I would ask if you’ve been watching This Is Us. I’m 100% on the train and I want you on it with me. I watch it on Hulu the day after it airs live, but it’s so worth it. The idea of time in this show is crazy and has me so confused half the time, but it keeps me paying attention. Plus… I’ve always loved Mandy Moore so so much.

If we were drinking tea together, I’d probably cry happy tears because my high school best friends got back together. To make a really long and complicated story short, through most of elementary school through high school, I always hung with the same group of girls and one person completely manipulated and ruined our friendship and we haven’t been the same since. This weekend, one of us got married and we were reunited and shared our sides of the story and so much healing happened. My heart is so full.

Once again, I’m linking up with Amber + Erin for our monthly coffee date linkup. Every second Monday of the month we get together and sip coffee (or tea, in my case) together and catch up. Thanks for joining me, friend.


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