Currently | June 2016


It feels like I haven’t written here in WEEKS. In all actuality… it’s been less than two weeks. What can I say? I love you guys! Here’s the deal: I decided to switch providers for my domain and website hosting 48 hours before it expired. Not my best idea ever. Mistakes were made and corrected and made and corrected and now we’re FINALLY back up and running! All I can say is that I’m thankful for people who know way more about websites than I do. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the meantime:

Brushing our doggy Kane every time we take him outside. He’s a pitbull/American bulldog mix, so he doesn’t shed much, but apparently they still lose their winter coat! Holy cow, home boy has been shedding like crazy. Brushing him daily has been helping a ton.

Smiling from ear to ear because Tyler is home! My husband is in the National Guard, so they have a 2-week annual training every year. This is the first year he’s gone that I haven’t lived at home with my family, so it was extra lonely, but I got to spend some quality time with Kane!

Cooking dinner every night. It’s been nice to plan out our meals and then actually cook every night and have leftovers for our lunches each day. It’s all about that planning, y’all.

Devouring the Yes & Amen devotional kit from Illustrated Faith + DaySpring. It’s SO GORGEOUS. Definitely my favorite one to date. It’s filled with so many beautiful words and you can tell Junelle (this month’s author) loves Jesus with all her heart. You can get your own kit HERE (affiliate link).

Listening to the Lore podcast. It’s creepy and informational and has episodes that are less than a half hour. What could be better?

Practicing yoga almost every day. I’ve always wanted to get into a consistent yoga practice, but haven’t had the motivation until now. It’s makes my back and joints feel so much better! I’m horribly inflexible, but this is helping a lot.

Watching lots of Game of Thrones. I just started it this month while Tyler was gone and I had more time on my hands and I love it.

Chomping at the bit to use my weekly Day Designer x BlueSky! It starts today and I’m excited to start planning again.

Cleaning our house more consistently instead of waiting until the last minute. SO much easier.

Eating way too much ice cream. My favorite local ice cream store opened a new location that’s a five minute walk from my house. It’s dangerous, y’all.

Meeting with couples for upcoming weddings this summer. Can’t wait for all these summer weddings!

Dreaming about the vacation to Texas that I’m taking this fall. One of my mom’s best friends lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and we’re going to house sit for them while their in Mexico. That means lotsa pool time and reading. It was going to be a family trip, but it ended up only being my parents and me. It’ll be fun!

 Alright, that’s enough about me. What about YOU? What have you been up do lately?


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